The classic luho play casino also has Feng Shui? - ph online

The classic luho play casino also has Feng Shui?

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luho play casino is a classic representative of the Philippines

Luho Play Casino is modeled on Venice, Italy. It is located in the Venetian Resort in the Philippines. It is a large-scale comprehensive online casino integrating culture and entertainment.

The website of casino is luxurious and exquisite in design, with an area of up to 550,000 square feet, with 850 gaming tables and more than 6,000 slot machines, and there are food courts and bars around it for tourists to relax and entertain.

business hours

Luho play casino never closes the door 24 hours a day! Whether it’s weekends or holidays; whether it’s day or night. The regulations stipulate that there should be no stoppage at any time, except for special national mourning days, etc., and to suspend business, it is necessary to apply for government permission.

chip exchange

When gambling in casino, you need to use small plastic round cards marked with the amount of money, that is, chips. Players first need to exchange banknotes into chips at the counter.

Chip denomination: Unlike other casinos, the smallest chip denomination may range from tens of yuan to two hundred yuan, and the largest denomination can reach an astonishing 2 million yuan.

Chip denominations in Philippine casino vary from game to game. Different games may have different chip denominations, for example baccarat may have different chip denominations than roulette.

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Luho play casino also has Feng Shui?

The luho play casino website uses gold, which symbolizes native gold, and the Online Casino is shaped like a gold bag, which can be worn safely by gamblers.

According to the suggestion of the Feng Shui master, luho play casino modified the original design and built the circular honeycomb shape seen today in order to retain the “honey” of the Online Casino, and the gamblers who come in and out day and night are compared to “hardworking people”. bee”.

There are many small balls and some big balls on the website, and there is a white round border below, which looks like a white jade plate. Therefore, from a distance, it looks like “big beads and small beads falling on a jade plate”. The dealer will always be Big winner.

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Is luho play casino legalized under government control?

From 1851 to 1863, the Philippine government implemented a licensing system for gaming establishments, and there were more than 200 casinos at one time.

At that time, Lu Huashao founded Yi’an Company, which integrated luho play casino, brothel, tavern, and opium den, attracting high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen from Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao to go for entertainment. In 1930, Haoxing Company won the management right with an annual gambling tax of 800,000 Philippine dollars, and opened a Chinese-style gambling project.

The first gaming company in the Philippines

Haoxing Company opened in 1930, but this online casino is too conservative in its operation, only providing Chinese-style gaming items, and has failed to fully realize the economic potential of the gambling industry. The picture shows the dealer who has been working hard all day.

In 1937, the online casino company jointly formed by Gao Kening and Fu Deyin began to implement the gambling franchise system. At this time, the development of the Philippine gambling industry began to take shape. A good place to make money.

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Apply for luho play casino experience bonus in just 3 steps!

As long as you are a new member who has not registered before, you can apply for a trial bonus. This is a golden opportunity for you, why don’t you take advantage of it? ? ?

Take a look at how to apply for a good loan that doesn’t cost you money! Just follow the 3 steps below and you’re good to go!

safety Recognized as the safest in the industry
Recommendation Recognized by the industry as the most recommended
Withdrawal limit Recognized by the industry as the least restrictive
Withdrawal offer Industry-recognized most discounts
Withdrawal speed Industry-recognized fastest
Intimacy Recognized as the top in the industry

1. Choose the casino you are interested in and have experience bonus

As long as registration is the first thing new members do, just go to the casino you want to register!

2. Fill in the registration information

The second step is to fill in the basic personal information, including your name, mobile phone number, account, LINE ID…etc. It only takes you a few minutes, the process is quite simple and fast!

3. Receive bonus

Each luho play casino has a different method of claiming. For some, you only need to register and tell LINE customer service that you want to receive the experience bonus. You can withdraw the winning bonus into cash as long as you pass the transaction.

luho play casino,luho play ph,luho play gaming,luho play,luho play online

Luho play casino main promotion introduction

1. First deposit discount

First deposit 1000 to get 500, 1 times turnover, do not place a bet before receiving the first deposit discount, if you place a bet, you will not be able to claim it

2. Weekly re-deposit 128 discount

Renew deposit of 5000 every week to get 128, 1 times turnover, can be claimed every week, from 00:01 on Monday to 23:59 on Sunday, you can get it when you deposit 5,000

3. VIP privileges

The deposit amount is divided into three levels, namely gold (50,000 in the current month), platinum (300,000 in the current month), and diamond (600,000 in the current month).

Gold member (1). 8% discount on deposit back, capped at 5,000. (2).VIP lucky draw 888. (3). Birthday gift money 588. (4). No handling fee 5 times/week. (5).Daily rebate 0.2%

Platinum members (1). 10% discount on deposit back, up to 10,000. (2). VIP lucky draw 1888. (3). Birthday gift money 1288. (4). Free of charge 10 times/week. (5).Daily rebate 0.3%

Diamond members (1). 15% discount on deposit back, capped at 15,000. (2).VIP lucky draw 3888. (3). Birthday gift money 2888. (4). No handling fee 14 times/week. (5).Daily rebate 0.4%

4. Friend referral money

Where a new member is introduced, the introduced person’s deposit is over 3,000, and the introducer will be given a 688 introduction gold, 3 times the turnover

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