Let’s follow the rules of lucky pot casino together! - ph

Let’s follow the rules of lucky pot casino together!

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Let’s look up to the lucky pot casino together!

Features: Lucky pot casino is the oldest Online Casino in the PH, and its birdcage design has become a landmark of the Philippines.

URL: luckypot.com

gaming games: cockfight/sabong, baccarat, slot machine, lottery, sports betting, blackjack, roulette, French roulette, fantan, size, cash machine, etc.

system:JDB / CQ9 / VA /DS / Jili / Rixh88 / BNG / FC / Fishing Game (Slot)

Advantage and shortcoming of lucky pot casino


  • Experience the atmosphere of live betting similar to lucky pot casino, gorgeous game environment
  • Questions about games or stored value can be reported to customer service on site
  • You can meet many like-minded gamblers
  • No need to pay for air tickets, hotels, etc.


  • Agents may ask for a tip
  • Win too many chances to be blacklisted and banned from entering
  • Exchange rate issues will affect earnings, and some underground exchanges will have concerns about fund security

lucky pot casino,lucky pot ph,lucky pot gaming,lucky pot.com,lucky pot online

Lucky pot casino usually has the following main rules:

Age Restriction: Only people over 21 years old can enter lucky pot casino. You need to carry your pass or passport with you, and sometimes the import and export staff may not accept mainland ID cards.

Dress Code: There are usually certain dress codes, such as no slippers or sportswear.

What to bring: Cameras, laptops and luggage are generally not allowed and will need to be checked in the cloakroom.

Gambling: Visitors are generally asked to observe appropriate gambling practices, such as not gambling with others.

Documentation Requirements: When entering the lucky pot casino, identification documents may be required to ensure that you are a legitimate visitor.

Tobacco and alcohol restrictions: Smoking is completely prohibited in public areas. If you want to smoke, you can go to the smoking room, otherwise you will be fined for smoking in public places; in addition, some lucky pot casinos do not allow excessive drinking to ensure the safety and proper behavior of tourists .

Fiat Currency: The accepted legal currency is Philippines Dollar.

Stakes Limits: Usually there are stakes limits, which limit the maximum amount that tourists can gamble.

Occupational restrictions: People of certain occupations (such as civil servants) are only allowed to enter the lucky pot casino from the first day to the third day of the Lunar New Year, and are not allowed to enter at other times.

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