Should I be cautious about depositing value at ginto casino?

Should I be cautious about depositing value at ginto casino?

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ginto casino cares for its members

Ginto casino was established in 2021. It is a platform operated by a large gaming team in the Philippines. The real-life system for rent is also well-known in the gaming market all over the world. Its own evaluation is also good, and it has millions of registered members in the Philippines. The descriptions of the announcements are very detailed, and you can see the intentions for the members, but the lack of game content is a relatively big shortcoming.

Although the image of ginto casino is well established, and the official customer service personnel are also very friendly and quick to respond, but if you carefully check the content of the website, not only the number of games is small, the selection is limited, but the discounts provided are not bright, and the percentage of rebates is also low. Generally speaking, playing games is basically at the original price, and there are no other discounts.

▼ Game content:

Game Category game room
real person OBO, SA, DG, PERFECT
electronic QT video game, Ameba, AV video game, 7PK, OB fishing, OB slot machine, dancer chess
physical education SUPER Sports (single game room)
lottery OB lottery (single game room)

▼ New members can enjoy discounts:

Promotions Earn rewards Application conditions flow threshold Receive upper limit
First deposit plus code to send 1,000 points First deposit over $1,000 16 times 1,000 points
7PK stored value plus code 15% Top up $1,000 at 7PK 15 times none
Baccarat overweight 88 Baccarat cumulative betting over 50,000 1 times 11,888 points
388 1. Win more than 6 rounds in a row
2. Only bet on banker or player
3. Bet more than 2,000 per round
15,888 points
Water Rebate (Daily) Electronic games 0.35%, live games 0.25%, sports games & lottery balls 0.15% 10,000 points

ginto casino,ginto,ginto gaming,ginto ph,ginto register

How controversial is ginto casino?

Introduction :

ginto casino is a relatively new online gaming platform. It was built in early 2021. The product is relatively new and has a little bit of controversy. It has been warned; there are many agents and uneven quality, so it needs to be considered carefully

feature of product :

It claims to be an entertainment city opened by an agent of bet168. All the discounts of bet168 are used. They create their own games and electronic machines and spread a large number of agent lines. But because of this, the brand agent has no checks and disputes continue; but It has to be said that the unique interface, smooth operation and the most attractive “sign-in discount” are all unique in the entertainment city circle.

Deposit method and speed:

1. ATM (account transfer is instant)

2. Online bank transfer (account transfer will increase points)

3. Convenience store payment (wait for 3~10 minutes, need to be in the county and city where the record is located ex: the record is Xinbei, that is, the supermarket payment can only be made at the Xinbei supermarket)

ginto casino main benefits introduction

1. First deposit discount

For the first deposit of 1000 get 500 free, do not place a bet before receiving the first deposit discount, if you do not receive the bet after placing the bet, 1 times turnover

2. Continue to deposit revenge money

If there is a deposit on the day, and the loss is less than 1000 (excluding 1000), “re-deposit” can receive a 10% re-deposit discount, 8 times turnover multiple

3. Daily check-in discount

Sign in for seven days, give 666 bonus, 20 times turnover.

1. If the continuous sign-in is broken for one day, it will be recalculated.

2. The value must be recharged once within 14 days.

3. The cumulative betting volume in seven days has reached 14,000 (not counting in the lottery hall)

ginto casino,ginto,ginto gaming,ginto ph,ginto register

Why is ginto casino recommended?

Today we will look at it from many angles, why this well-known domestic entertainment city and the first choice in the hearts of players can have a solid foundation at the very beginning, continue to expand and develop in the future, and finally become a time-honored online casino unanimously recommended by netizens Woolen cloth?

Very diverse game types

The types of ginto casino games are very diverse, you can find all the games you want to play, whether it is live games, sports games, electronic games or even board games you can think of!

live game

Live game is nothing more than that there will be real dealers interacting with you via video in the game, so that you have the feeling of being in a real casino. ginto casino cooperates with four well-known manufacturers and is divided into: Oubo Real, SA Real, DG Real, and WM Real.

The characteristic of different game manufacturers is that there will be real dealers to interact with you, making the game more authentic. In the game game section, there are classic baccarat, sic bo, poker (card), roulette, fried golden flower, Niu Niu (Niu Niu), dragon and tiger fighting and other games, which can basically meet all the game needs of players.

Electronic games

Electronic games are different from real games. One is that there are live dealers video chatting with you to play games, while slot machines are more traditional animated slot games. Ginto casino has tens of thousands of games to play. The most popular slot machines, catch Fish machines and more.

ginto casino,ginto,ginto gaming,ginto ph,ginto register

How much is better to store value in ginto casino?

Most people will deposit a sum of money and play slowly when they receive their salary. Let me share my previous habits and situations:

My monthly salary at that time was about 34,000. On the day of receiving my salary on the 10th, I saved 20,000 and wanted to say that I could roll it in. My fixed expenses were about 20,000. Just come out. Even if you don’t win or lose money, at least you will keep a few thousand and get it back. Later, I was crazy about Texas Hold’em for a while, because I had played it before, so I was very confident in my poker skills, but in the end I lost all the points in the game account, and I was overdrawn that month, which made me feel like I was falling into gambling The worst vicious circle ever!

Later, I will first calculate how much money I will spend this month, and deduct the part reserved for myself as a reserve fund before I use it to play ginto casino. Although this reduces the number of points I can use by more than half, at least it doesn’t matter whether I win or lose when I play the game. Even better, the winning rate is higher than when you saved 20,000 before.

I have met many people who have similar experiences. It is really not better to store more, especially for the same random storage as other people’s strategies, and the pouring is faster!

In the end, I still want to persuade Shiwen… I know that many people want to play ginto casino to make money, but in order to make a profit in it, they are always thinking about money, money, money, and put the cart before the horse. Since they are called ” ginto casino” is Shouzhong Entertainment! Staying on a budget is really a way to have fun and make money more easily. If you haven’t started yet, you can try it now!

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